Manicures, Pedicures – Calgel and Jessica Geleration


Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

A treatment manicure which analyses and treats each nail for its specific nail type. The hands are exfoliated, cuticles are tided, the nail shape is perfected and colour is applied for the perfect finish.

Treatment Time Price
Reshape and Polish 30mins £15.50
Without Polish 30mins £15.50
With Polish 30mins £25.00

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure Deluxe

A complete facial for the hands, incorporating the prescriptive manicure and the LeRemedi hand treatment programme this treatment leaves your hands feeling softer, smoother, firmer and more attractive. The ultimate in hand and nail care.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £28.00

LeRemedi Hand Treatment by Jessica

A complete facial for hands, Using LeRemedi hand treatment programme, incorporating handcleanse, HandSilk Exfoliare, HandRestructure Masque and HandRenew Liposomes.

Treatment Time Price
30mins £20.00

ZenSpa Pedicure

The feet are exfoliated and a luxurious massage leaves feet smooth and soft. Nails are cut and shaped, cuticles are treated always finishing with the perfect polish.

Treatment Time Price
1hr £28.00

ZenSpa Pedicure Deluxe with Thermal Booties

The ZenSpa Pedicure including heated booties to soothe and relax, a complete foot and leg treatment up to the knee.

Treatment Time Price
1hr 15mins £32.00

Calgel Nail Enhancement

A blend of organic chemical compounds to produce a unique nail styling product that will enhance your nails – without damaging your natural nails. Calgel will help your nails look fabulous – naturally.


Treatment Time Price
Clear £40.00
French £45.00

Natural Nail Overlays

Treatment Time Price
Clear £32.00
French £35.00
Infills £32.00
Toes £25.00
Soak – off £15.00

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Cancellations Policy

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible or a charge may have to be taken for lost time.

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